Magic Of 10%

Spending $500 per month on generic leads for eight months, getting rejected and recruiting no one - BAD idea.

Spending a little time to learn how to put "leverage" on my side so I could recruit 3,015 people in 13 days without the phone - GOOD idea.

Thinking maybe a little more leverage in your business might be a good idea?  Check this out

 "Magic Of 10%"

Not many people know this . . .

But when it comes to success in your
business, especially an online home based
business, the driving factor in how fast and
how large that business grows is NOT what
you're lead to believe.

What we're led to believe in the home
business industry that if we just get a few,
they will just get a few, and soon everyone
is working together and everyone gets rich.

Nope, don't happen that way. You can't put a
few in and then sit back and wait. It's not
going to work.

It's all about what you do. And that's a good

The more you control in your business the
better off you are.

See the driving factor in your business is
not the comp plan, the product or your

It's how many you bring in and how you
control how others bring the rest in.

This has almost everything to do with what
you do. You take control you win.

You grow your business by generating leads

You grow your downline by allowing a select
few of those leads into your organization.

They duplicate NOT because of magic.

They duplicate you because you give them the
passion from your own vision and that fuels
them to gain the confidence in themselves to
give it a shot.

They duplicate because you teach and train
them what works for you.

You can't do that unless you know what works:

But even more than these factors they will
duplicate because of your ability to control
their recruiting efforts.


I ran a co-op in my business every month for
about a year. At it's largest that co-op was
$16,000+ in monthly advertising.

That co-op was responsible for literally
thousands of people joining the business. I
recruited hundreds, but controlled the
recruiting of thousands.

Had I not one day decided to offer a co-op
there would have been thousands that did not
get recruited.

From those thousands recruited a few leaders
rose to the top. I taught them to run co-ops.
The same thing happened for them.

90% of the success in your business comes
from you getting the leads, you converting
the leads to recruits, you channeling their
money into advertising that works (once you
know it's worked for you)

And then the 10% show up.

You teach the leaders in that 10% how to do
what you do and they will.

That's how duplication happens.

It's not two get two who get two. It's one
gets a ton. One finds a few good ones.

Then those few good ones get a ton and find a
few good ones.

That's the path to success.

To the top,


The Secret Access

Decide what you want .. believe you can have it, believe you deserve it, believe it's possible for you

"Your Future is created by what you do to today, not tomorrow"

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