Most Common Google Searches

Curious what your neighbor is searching for on Google? It might be one of these terms!

Do you ever wonder what everyone else is Googling? Check out this list to see some of the most common Google searches!  

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is by far the most searched celebrity online, with 578,000,000 requests in 2011 alone! Go Little Monsters!

 Justin Bieber

It's probably no surprise that Justin Bieber is the second most-searched celebrity, with all the hoards of screaming fans he has trying to dig up every bit of information they can find about this teen heartthrob.


Rihanna comes in a very respectable third place on the list of top searched celebs, not a bad place to be!



People love their gadgets, and the iPad and it's successors are hot now, which makes it no shock that it is a very commonly Googled term.


The iPhone is another gadget that people are in love with right now. Apple is on fire!


Facebook and it's different variations, such as "FB," might just be the most commonly Googled search terms ever, which shouldn't be surprising since it seems like Facebook is taking over the world and our lives!


YouTube is still a very popular search term as people seek out their fix of crazy videos of people doing silly things for everyone to see.


Hotmail is one of the oldest and most common free emails available on the Internet, and people want to know about it.



As Google's own free email service, of course Gmail will make the list of most common Google searches!

Google was founded on September 4, 1998, by Sergey M. Brin and Lawrence E. Page, in Menlo Park, California. The company headquarters are currently located in Mountain View, California. Google bills itself as a multinational public cloud computing and Internet search technology company. It hosts and develops Internet-based services and products,and generates the majority of its large profit ($6.25 billion in 2009) from advertising through its AdWorks program.


As the Internets top auction site, eBay is definitely on the list of most common Google searches. People just love to get a good deal there, and it's a great place to sell your stuff, too!


With what seems like most of the modern world tweeting every detail of their life Twitter has landed a spot on the most Googled list.


What list about the most common Google searches would be complete without some sort of term about sex? Porn, porno and it's variations are of course some of the most commonly searched-for terms as men and women look for these images in the privacy of their own homes.


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