Mythical Creature Called a Phoenix

There's a mythical creature called a phoenix. It said that this creature lives for 500 to 1000 years and then makes a nest towards the end of it's days where it and the nest go up in flames to reveal the phoenix once again reborn a new.

The longer I run my online business the more I find myself identifying with this mystical creature. See . . .

There's a strange idea that floats around out there that many people believe . . .It's that you build a business once, get rich, and ride of into the sunset.

I don't believe in this personally.

As I look back on my history, it's been
a grand adventure - no doubt. Without my
business I never would have visited and
taught vibrant minds in Singapore.

I never would have had the opportunity
to take my younger brother on a high
school graduation trip for two weeks to
Tokyo to just explore.

I never would have taken that split
second decision trip to Nicaragua of all
place and seen an entirely different
side of life.

I never would have had the opportunity
to take Kim to Greece to see the sunset
over the caldera in Santorini.

There are a lot of fun things I've done,
but get rich and ride off into the
sunset was never one of them. Nor do I
ever want it to be. I find my life much
more vibrant because of my business and
so will you.

Like the mythical phoenix I've had many

Going from dead broke to a huge team and
lots checks each month to seeing that
team burst into flames like a phoenix
only to be reborn again as a new better

You may fee like you want to just get
rich and ride of into the sunset right
now, but when you're dead in the middle
of doing what you love every single day
you'll think back to just how silly that
idea was.

Let your business give you a fuller
life, not a reason to escape the one you
now have.

To the top,


The Secret Access

Decide what you want .. believe you can have it, believe you deserve it, believe it's possible for you

"Your Future is created by what you do to today, not tomorrow"

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