Fast Facts About Internet Marketing

Network marketing is an exciting, and rapidly-growing industry, that's creating a lot of millionaires today. It's a growth industry that has already generated as much as $100 billion in sales, and is fast on its way of surpassing other industries as well. Here are other interesting facts and figures about the network marketing industry.  

"Multilevel Marketing Has Been In The US For The Last 50 Years."  

Network marketing is a distribution and compensation method that has been used by millions in the United States for the past fifty years. The popularity of MLM however,
 has spread like wildfire throughout the globe. In the US, the industry is represented by the Direct Selling Association (DSA). There are over a thousand network marketing companies that distribute over $100 billion worth of products and services annually. Industry analysts estimate that eight to ten million people in the US work either as part-time or full-time network marketing distributors.

"Network Marketing Provides An Alternative Way For Earning Income."

Network marketing is also known as direct marketing, direct selling, relationship marketing, and  multilevel marketing. This marketing method provides people with the opportunity to earn an income and build a business of their own. It also allows them to work at their own pace and time, as well as work from the comforts of home. Network marketing offers an alternative to traditional forms of employment.  It allows families to supplement their household income, and provides livelihood opportunities for those who cannot get full-time employment, such as stay-at-home housewives or differently-abled individuals.  

"What Are The Basics Of Multilevel Marketing?"

Joining a multilevel marketing business opportunity generally involves setting up your own sales team, and attending regular meetings and marketing schedules. Network marketing also requires a lot of dedication, planning and patience. With the growth of the Internet however, network marketing is made much easier through the use of a wide array of online tools and resources that help network marketers find leads, qualify their prospects, and promote their products and services.    

"Is Internet Marketing MLM A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme?"

Some people think that network marketing is a get-rich quick scheme of sorts. The truth is that network marketing certainly is not that type of scheme. According to MLM industry experts, a network marketing business takes a lot of dedication and planning.  At its most basic level, MLM is a business, which means that itís something that you need to slowly build, nurture and grow.

The Internet marketing MLM industry is fast gaining more adherents worldwide, because the marketing system has helped eliminated the multi-layered distribution network and costly advertising costs which are the mainstay of traditional forms of marketing. The profits generated in network marketing also help reduce the cost of the product or service, and helps independent distributors generate more revenues for themselves and their company.

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